As a Church we are taking all reasonable precautions to ensure your health and safety when attending services. We understand this can be a very frustrating and challenging time for everyone. We ask for your patience and understanding as we manage this situation the best we can.




Please do not come to Church if you are feeling unwell.


If you do come to Church, we kindly ask you to wear a face mask over your mouth and nose.


Please do not shake hands with anyone and remain at least 2 metres apart. Remember not to move around the Church.


Please ensure you wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser on arrival and departure from Church.



What to do

In order to comply with Government instructions we must ensure that a track and trace procedure is in place for those who attend Services: the most effective way of doing this is to have a booking system. Those who wish to attend a Sunday Worship Service are asked to telephone the named point of contact;

Mrs Susan Gray, who will book a place for you and in compliance with track and trace regulations will take your name and contact details (Both of which will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act). Mrs Gray can be telephoned on the following number 07764 149651, between the hours of 6-9pm Monday to Wednesdays. Please do not ask to book for any service other than the one for the nearest Sunday and if a place is not available for you, you will be put onto the list for the next Sunday Service.



What to do

At Dunning we will be using the main entrance for entering and leaving the Sanctuary, in Aberuthven there may be a one-way system, (Stewards and signs will ensure that everyone is clear as to where to enter and where to leave the Sanctuary). You will be required to keep 2 meters distance as you wait to enter the Sanctuary. When you arrive a steward will check your name from a printed list. We must adhere to the Test and Protect process and so your name will be held for three weeks and then all data will be destroyed. To allow time for everyone to be seated please try to arrive between 10.40am and 10.55am.

Once in the sanctuary you will be shown by a steward to a seat (two if in a couple, more if in a family) and we request that you do not wander or walk about the sanctuary.

The toilets are to be used only in extremis, but should you need to use them there will be a clearly marked one-way system. There will be instructions in the toilet about how to clean the handles, taps,etc.

In Dunning, when the service is over, the congregation will leave the Sanctuary by last in first out, in other words those sitting at the back will leave first, followed by those in the pew in front of them, and so on until the those in the front pew have left, please wait until those behind you have left their pew before leaving yours. If you are unable to exit down the steps, you will be able to wait until everyone has left and then leave by the ramp door.

In Aberuthven, you will be guided by the Steward as to when and where to leave. Once outside we would ask that you continue to remember the need for 2m social distancing.